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How to Install Miracast on Various Operating Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Install Miracast on Various Operating Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

For those who want to install Miracast on Windows 10, it is relatively straightforward. Firstly, ensure that your computer supports the Miracast technology. To check this, press the “Win + X” shortcut on your keyboard, and click on the “Device Manager” in the newly appeared menu. Next, expand the “Display Adapters” section and right-click on your graphics card followed by clicking on “Properties.” Under the “Driver” tab, click on “Update Driver” and then choose “Search automatically for updated driver software.” If your computer supports Miracast, the drivers will be updated, and you can then press the “Win + P” keys to project your screen wirelessly.

Download and Installation Process

For users interested in the Miracast download and install process, it is, in fact, already integrated into most modern operating systems like Windows 10 and 11. To start the Miracast connection, swipe from the right side of the screen and choose “Connect” from the Quick Settings menu. In the case of a smart TV or compatible device, make sure that it is on and then select it from the available list. After connecting, you can start streaming your content wirelessly.

Steps to Install Miracast on Windows 11

Considering the newest Microsoft operating system, it is essential to know how to install Miracast on Windows 11. The process is similar to Windows 10; ensure that your computer has the necessary hardware for Miracast. Click on the “Connect” button located in the Quick Settings menu accessible from the taskbar. From the available list, select your Miracast-supported TV or display, and your screen will be wirelessly mirrored.

Miracast Linux Installation

For Linux users, the Miracast Linux install process involves using a third-party solution called MiracleCast. To get started, install the required dependencies and clone the MiracleCast repository from GitHub. Next, follow the instructions provided by the developer to build and install the software. Once completed, you can use the “miracle-wifid” and “miracle-sinkctl” commands to create a Miracast network and then connect your devices for wireless screen sharing.

Installing Miracast on Different PCs

  • Android Devices

    For those wishing to install Miracast on PC platforms like Android devices, the process varies depending on the manufacturer. Generally, open the quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen and select the Cast or Smart View option. Make sure your smart TV is on, and choose it from the list of the nearby wireless display devices.

  • Apple Devices

    In the case of Apple users, Miracast is not natively supported, but a similar technology called AirPlay allows screen sharing. Ensure that your Apple device and the Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the “Screen Mirroring” button, and then choose the desired device to connect and mirror your screen.

19 Jun 2023